Productivity and long term growth

OECD NERO meetings - Papers presented in recent meetings


2017 Themes: Policy Challenges in the Global Economy: Productivity, Risk and Growth

2015 Themes: Prospects and policies for reviving long-term growth and reducing inequality

2014 Theme: International Macroeconomic Linkages

2013 Themes: Evidence-Based Economic Policy in the Aftermath of the Crisis

2012 Themes: The great recession, institutions and inequality and shocks and other drivers of inequality

2011 Theme: Labour market issues

2010 Themes: Fiscal challenge, consolication, financial regulation, labour markets

2009 Themes: The crisis, policy responses to the crisis.

2007 Themes: Globalisation, consolidation, financial regulation, labour markets

2005 Themes: Productivity, innovation, economic growth, financial markets

2004 Theme: Labour market issues

2003 Themes: Labour force participation, human capital

2002 Theme: Investment in human capital.

2001 Themes: International migration; the economic consequences of ageing


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