Economic surveys and country surveillance

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  • Economic Survey of Iceland 2015

    Iceland has steadily recovered from the financial crisis. Key challenges to ensuring sustained growth and high levels of wellbeing include consolidating macroeconomic stability, locking in progress in fiscal policy and lifting productivity growth.

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  • Economic Survey of South Africa 2015

    Social progress over the past two decades has been impressive. But growth has not been inclusive enough due to insufficient employment growth. Macroeconomic policies are stabilising inflation and public debt.

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  • Economic Survey of Austria 2015

    Economic growth has stalled in Austria since 2012 amid subdued productivity and weak export performance but is expected to improve. The separation of gender roles weighs on work-life balances and hinders the full use of human capital.Economic growth has been faster in New Zealand than in most other OECD countries in recent years. Inflation and inflation expectations are well anchored, but the current account has been in sizeable deficit for some time.

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