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  • Global Economic Outlook, November 2016

    The projections in this Economic Outlook offer the prospect that fiscal initiatives could catalyse private economic activity and push the global economy to the modestly higher growth rate of around 3½ per cent by 2018.

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  • Economic Assessment of Malaysia 2016

    Malaysia’s recent growth has moderated somewhat in the face of severe global headwinds but has remained robust. Stepping up structural reforms to increase productivity and inclusiveness would also improve the sustainability of growth over the medium run and help achieve Malaysia’s ambition to become a high-income country around 2020.

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  • Using the fiscal levers to escape the low-growth trap

    In the context where public debt has reached high levels in most OECD countries, it is important to assess the extent of countries' fiscal space and the temporary deficit increase they can afford to run. A rethink is needed for how the fiscal policy stance should be evaluated, particularly in the context where very low sovereign interest rates provide more fiscal space.

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Enhancing Economic Flexibility: What Is in It for Workers?

Reforms that boost growth by enhancing economic flexibility often meet strong opposition related to concerns that they may imply adverse consequences for categories of workers. This study investigates how making product or labour market regulation more flexible changes workers’ risks of moving out of employment and jobless people’s chances of becoming employed.


BlogPost: What do pro-competitive policies IMPLY for workers?

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