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  • Economic Survey of New Zealand 2015

    Economic growth has been faster in New Zealand than in most other OECD countries in recent years. Inflation and inflation expectations are well anchored, but the current account has been in sizeable deficit for some time.

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  • Economic Outlook and Interim Global Economic Assessment

    The failure to achieve a stronger cyclical upswing has had very real costs in terms of foregone employment, stagnant living standards in advanced economies, less vigorous development in some emerging economies, and rising inequality nearly everywhere.

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  • Economic Survey of Slovenia 2015

    Slovenia experienced impressive growth after independence, but the crisis exposed important weaknesses. Important reforms have been implemented since, raising credibility and boosting confidence. These efforts should continue.

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Finance and inclusive growth: How to restore a healthy financial sector that supports long-lasting, inclusive growth?

Over the past 50 years, credit by banks and other institutions to households and businesses has grown three times as fast as economic activity. At these levels, further expansion is likely to slow long-term growth and raise inequality.

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