Workshop on Digital Government Indicators 2016


OECD, Paris, 6 September 2016


The purpose of the Workshop was to discuss and approve the framework and approach for the development of a new generation of OECD digital government indicators linked to the principles embedded in the OECD Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies. The new indicators will support the monitoring of countries’ progresses in implementing the Recommendation.

The workshop served to share information on existing country practices used to collect data and develop indicators for monitoring digital government policies and activities, and to determine national priorities in terms of the development of digital government indicators. Based on country inputs prior to, during and following the meeting and the discussion between participants, the OECD will propose a final selection of principles for indicator development and form a working group of selected countries who will be closely involved in the elaboration of the indicators. The official decision will be reported to the group of experts that participated in the meeting and that will be engaged with the Secretariat in development of new indicators.


Session 1 OECD work on digital government indicators in light of the Recommendation

Session 2 - Assessing the Landscape: highlighting issues, priorities and practices in OECD, accession and partner countries for measuring digital government
Session 3 - Next steps: determining an agenda for Digital Government Indicators



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