Panel 3.2 - Managing Digital Security and Privacy Risk for Economic and Social Prosperity


To inform Ministerial Panel 3.2 - Managing Digital Security and Privacy Risk for Economic and Social Prosperity the OECD has done over three decades of work and has played an important role in promoting policies and instruments for innovation and trust in the digital economy. 

The OECD's two cornerstone instruments; the Guidelines for the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data (2013) and the most recent Recommendation on Digital Security Risk Management for Economic and Social Prosperity (2015), and their respective companion documents are an invaluable starting point for this Panel.

Due to the breadth of work done in this area, discussions may be informed by several other instruments and reports, including:

Data-Driven Innovation  

Data Driven Innovation: Big Data for Growth and Well-being

This report aims to improve the evidence base on the role of DDI for promoting growth and well-being, and provide policy guidance on how to maximise the benefits of DDI and mitigate the associated economic and societal risks.

Chapter 5: "Building Trust in data driven innovation" explores how the analysis of data can be used for informing policy making.


Recommendation on Cross Border Privacy law Enforcement Cooperation (2013)

Included in the OECD Privacy Guidelines.


Digital Identity Management: Enabling Innovation and Trust in the Internet Economy 2011

This report represents the culmination of four years of analytical work by the OECD between 2007 and 2011 to reduce this confusion and achieve a shared understanding among OECD government policymakers about digital identity management and its role in the Internet economy. 


Recommendation on the Protection of Critical Information Infrastructures 2008

This Recommentation provides a high level policy framework for the development of a national policy and international co-operation for CIIP.


Recommendation of the Council concerning Guidelines for Cryptography Policy 1997




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