Panel 1.2 – Stimulating Digital Innovation across the Economy


To inform Ministerial Panel 1.2 – Stimulating Digital Innovation across the Economy, the OECD has already undertaken work on this issue. The discussions will build on past reports and activities including:

Data-Driven Innovation  

Data Driven Innovation: Big Data for Growth and Well-being 2015

This report aims to improve the evidence base on the role of DDI for promoting growth and well-being, and provide policy guidance on how to maximise the benefits of DDI and mitigate the associated economic and societal risks.


Inquiries into Intellectual Property’s Economic Impact

This synthesis highlights the report's major themes, which are the importance of various types of IP as sources of growth and innovation in today’s economies; and  the effects on IP systems and stakeholders of major developments such as content digitization, the growth of the Internet, and globalisation.

OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2015  

OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2015

This report assesses how countries can maximise the potential of the digital economy as a driver for innovation and inclusive growth, and discusses the evolutions in the digital economy that policy makers need to consider as well as the emerging challenges they need to address as a part of national digital strategies. Chapters include an overview of the current status and outlook of the digital economy; the main trends in the ICT sector, and developments in communication and regulation policy; and overviews of ICT demand and adoption, plus the effects of the digital economy on growth and development.

Measuring the Digital Economy  

Measuring the Digital Economy: A New Perspective

This report presents indicators traditionally used to monitor the information society and complements them with experimental indicators that provide insight into areas of policy interest. The key objectives of this publication are to highlight measurement gaps and propose actions to advance the measurement agenda.

Are ICT Users More Innovative?  

Are ICT Users More Innovative?: an Analysis of ICT-Enabled Innovation in OECD Firms 2011

This report aims to assess the effects of ICTs on firms’ capabilities to innovate in a selection of OECD countries. 




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