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Workshop on the Internet of Things wellness and care ecosystem: enablers and barriers


 4-5 October 2018  Cornell Tech, New York


This workshop examined the state of play, opportunities and challenges in expanding the availability and use of the Internet of Things (IOT) to enhance wellness, deliver effective remote care, prevent hospital re-admissions and support functional ability. Participants discussed existing policies and highlighted good practices to help move beyond hype and promote the positive elements of the IoT while minimising risks. The general questions addressed at the workshop were: 

  • The emerging Internet of Things wellness/healthcare ecosystem
  • Critical enablers for progress to build out this ecosystem (what is needed to unlock the value of IoT for wellness and healthcare)


Specifically, the workshop aimed to review:

  • Best use cases and public policy advances across public and private sectors 
  • The value and potential benefits of a better developed IoT-based health care environment
  • Main challenges and policy implications with a special focus on data governance, privacy and organisational accountability
  • Technical, legal and public policy barriers that need to be addressed


The workshop gathered around 40 international experts in the areas of health, wellness and IoT including representatives from the OECD, academia, from public and private sector, policy makers, representatives of medical associations, regulators, clinicians and patient associations. For further information please write to [email protected]


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