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Privacy Online: OECD Guidance on Policy and Practice


Addressed to OECD member countries, business and industry, and individual users, Privacy Online: OECD Guidance on Policy and Practice has been prepared under the auspices of the OECD Committee for Information, Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP) by its Working Party on Information Security and Privacy (WPISP).

Focused on the implementation of the OECD Privacy Guidelines online, the policy and practical guidance offered in this publication is based on the work achieved within the OECD to fulfil the 1998 Ministerial Declaration on the Protection of Privacy on Global Networks . It reflects the OECD ministerial high‑level objective to build bridges between different national approaches to ensure the effective protection of privacy and personal data as well as the continued transborder flow of personal data on global networks.

Intended to reinforce the impact and visibility of the action of the OECD, and the importance of the OECD Privacy Guidelines in the development and implementation of a mix of solutions for ensuring global privacy and the free flow of information, the volume is structured as follows:

  • Part I provides an overview of the work achieved by the WPISP between 1998 and 2002.
  • Part II offers policy and practical guidance based on this work. 
  • Part III includes all documents and other instruments (e.g.  Internet‑based tools) presented in Part I. These include the: 
    • Guidelines on the Protection of Privacy and Transborder Flows of Personal Data
    • Ministerial Declaration on the Protection of Privacy of Global Networks
    • Inventory of Instruments and Mechanisms Contributing to the Implementation and Enforcement of the OECD Privacy Guidelines on Global Networks
    • OECD Privacy Policy Statement Generator
    • Building Trust in the Online Environment: Business-to-Consumer Dispute Resolution, Report of the December 2000 OECD Conference
    • Legal Provisions Related to Business-to-Consumer Alternative Dispute Resolution in Relation to Privacy and Consumer Protection
    • Resolving E-commerce Disputes Online: Asking the Right Questions About Alternative Dispute Resolution
    • Report on Compliance with, and Enforcement of, Privacy Protection Online
    • Inventory of Privacy-enhancing Technologies (PETs)
    • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: Report on the OECD Forum Session
    • Transborder Data Flow Contracts in the Wider Framework of Mechanisms for Privacy Protection on Global Networks

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