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OECD Emerging Market Economy Forum: Workshop on Cryptography Policy: Agenda


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CHAIR of the WORKSHOP: Ambassador Magnus Faxen, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sweden.

9 December (Tuesday) 10h00-10h30 OPENING SESSION Opening remarks

Mr. Kumiharu Shigehara, Deputy Secretary-General, OECD

Practical arrangements

Ms. Hiroko Kamata, OECD/DSTI

Background and overview of the development of the Guidelines for Cryptography Policy

Ms. Hiroko Kamata, OECD/DSTI
Mr. Mr. Hans Bierschenk, Business and Industry Advisory Committee to the OECD

10h30-13h00 SESSION I: Principles

The Guidelines identified eight basic principles for cryptography policy which policy-makers should consider. Each of these principles highlights an important concern, but they are interdependent and governments are urged to implement them as a whole so as to balance the various interests at stake. This session will provide an opportunity to facilitate understanding why these issues are important for consideration, as well as to raise potential problems which should be further considered. Each sub-session will be led by one or two speaker(s).

I. 1 Trust in cryptographic methods

Dr. Ulrich Sandl, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Germany

I. 2 Choice of cryptographic methods

Mr. Per Helge Sorensen, Ministry of Research and Information Technology, Denmark
Mr. Philippe Dejean, Service central de la securite des system d'information, France

I. 3 Market-driven development of cryptographic methods

Mr. Masaaki Kobashi, Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Japan

I. 4 Standards for cryptographic methods

Mr. Nigel Hickson, Department of Trade and Industry, United Kingdom

I. 5 Protection of privacy and personal data

Ms. Heather Black, Industry Canada

I. 6 Lawful access

Mr. Thomas Hafen, Federal Department for Public Economic Affairs, Switzerland
Mr. Philip Reitinger, Department of Justice, United States

I. 7 Liability

Mr. Stewart Baker, Steptoe and Johnson

I. 8 International co-operation

Mr. Göran Axelsson, Agency for Administrative Development Sweden

14h30-18h00 SESSION II: National perspectives

Several Member countries have already been developing national policies taking the OECD Guidelines into consideration. Selected countries will present their national perspectives on how they balance the various interests at stake. Both Member and non-member countries have opportunities to express their views and national situations.


Ms. Heather Black, Industry Canada


Mr. Per Helge Sorensen, Ministry of Research and Information Technology


Dr. Ulrich Sandl, Ministry of Economic Affairs (electronic commerce and the Act),
Dr. Christian Schneider, Utimaco Safeware AG (law for digital signatures),


Mr. Edgar De Lange (TTP Policy Development),
Mr. Martin Buys (joint statement with US on electronic commerce)


Mr. Göran Axelsson, Agency for Administrative Development


Mr. Thomas Hafen, Federal Department for Public Economic Affairs (overall federal policies),
Mr. Kurt Mueller, Gretacoder Data Systems AG (IBEASEC project),
Mr. Christian Boesch, Zurich Center of Commerce and Digisigna (Swiss Key project)

10 December (Wednesday) 10h00-13h00 SESSION II: National Perspectives (continuing) Australia

A message forwarded to the Secretariat


Dr. Acyr Pitanga Seixas Filho, Centre de Pesquisa Desenvolvimento para Seguranca das Comunicaçoes


Mr. Yang Xiaodong, China International Electronic Commerce Centre


Mr. Valdo Praust, Estonian Information Centre


Ms. Kristiina Pietikainen, Ministry of Transport and Communications


M. Philippe Dejean, Service central de la securite des system d'information


Mr. Bong-Ha Rha, Delegation of Korea to the OECD


Ms. Swandra Ramachandran, Attorney General's Chambers


Mr. Eivind Jahren, Ministry of National Planning and Co-ordination


Mr. Vasilij Sernov, Federal Agency for Government Communication and Information


Dr. Yeow Meng Chee, National Computer Board


Mr. Francisco Lopez-Crespo, Ministry of Public Administrations

Chinese Taipei

Mr. Chuan-Te Ho, Research Development and Evaluation Commission, The Executive Yuan


Mr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, National Science and Technology Development Agency

14h30-17h30 SESSION III: Industry and international perspectives

(a) The private sector is a critical partner in the development of the information infrastructure, and many cryptography technologies and products are developed and supplied by the private sector. Private sector representatives were involved throughout the drafting process to develop the Guidelines for Cryptography Policy. This session will first provide an opportunity for all participants to learn about how leading-edge cryptography technology works, as well as perspectives of the private sector on the technical and economic aspects of cryptography.

Mr. Kurt H. Mueller, Gretacoder Data Systems AG (issues with hardware)
Mr. Rainer A. Rueppel, R3 Security Engineering AG (security in Internet baking)
Mr. Per Kaijser, Siemens AG, and Mr. Helmut Jäger, Siemens Nixdorf Informationssystememe AG (public key infrastructure and smart cards)
Mr. Richard Horne, (The EAGLE project)

(b) This session will further cover international perspectives on the issues from some international organisations, as well as from Member and non-member countries.

Mr. Richard Schlechter, European Commission (EU projects on digital signatures and encryption)
Mr. Steward Baker, Steptoe and Johnson (UNCITRAL projects)

17h30-17h45 SESSION IV: Where do we go from here?

Issues related to the certification of public cryptographic keys, digital signatures, and Trusted Third Parties will be examined by the OECD Information Computer and Communications Policy (ICCP) Committee in the year ahead. These issues are also discussed in other international fora including APEC, UNCITRAL and ISO/ETSI. This session will review current and planned work in these fora and confirm further co-operation between OECD Member and non-member countries.

Mr. John Dryden, OECD/DSTI

17h45 - 18h00 CLOSING SESSION Brief report of the workshop

Mr. Edward Humphreys, Rapporteur

Closing statement

Mr. Magnus Faxén, Chair


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