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ICT Skills and Employment


The OECD's Working Party on the Information Economy (WPIE) is undertaking extensive analysis of the structure, disbribution and development of ICT skills and employment ( This work particularly focuses on ICT specialist skills and ICT users across the whole economy.

ICTs and gender

This report provides an overview of the gender distribution of ICT and ICT-related employment in OECD countries, and compares these to the gender distribution of total employment. Participation in ICT related education and training, and differences in ICT access and use by gender are also shown.

National ICT-skills related analytical and measurement projects

OECD countries are undertaking new anaytical and measurement projects of ICT-skills and related issues. Recent work presented at the OECD Working Party on the Information Economy and the OECD Working Party on Indicators for the Information Society is available here.

New perspectives on ICT skills and employment

This report provides an overview of ICT skills and employment across OECD economies and analyses impacts on economic performance. ICTs are increasingly important in the economy but capturing their importance and impacts is not always straightforward. The report presents a new approach to capturing the diffusion of ICTs in the economy.

ICT Skills and Employment

This report forms part of the 2004 OECD Information Technology Outlook. Two new measures of ICT-skilled employment are constructed, one of ICT specialists and one which includes basic and advanced ICT users and ICT specialists, and calculates the share of such employment in the economy and by sector. The link with productivity is examined, and the report also looks at the various ways in which ICT skills needs can be satisfied, namely through education, training, outsourcing and immigration. The role of Internet recruitment is also analysed.

Contact: Christian Reimsbach-Kounatze, Cristina Serra-Vallejo and Taylor Reynolds

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