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Workshop on E-Government Indicators 29-30 March 2010


The purpose of the Workshop was to discuss and approve a new framework and methodology for the development of new complementary basic OECD e-government indicators that support policy-making in the following areas:

  • back-office indicators;
  • performance (outcomes and outputs) indicators;
  • economically-oriented indicators.


The discussion focused on the need to fine-tune the framework and the methodology, and to adopt a commonly agreed upon terminology. A roadmap was proposed which foresees various steps and related deliverables and for which the member countries’ contribution will be essential. A virtual taskforce of country representatives was set up to support the implementation of the roadmap.



Session 1 - Recent experiences on e-government indicators in the global context Indicators

Session 2 - A New Framework and Methodology for E-Government Indicators

Session 3 – Measuring the performance and impact of e-government

Agenda (pdf 141KB)

Click here to download the Agenda (French) (pdf 257KB)


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