Digital government

Webinar: Data Ethics in the Public Sector


Building Trustworthy and Fair Environments for Data Access and Sharing 

7 May 2021

This webinar introduced participants to the work on data ethics in the public sector in OECD countries, and presented the recent OECD work in the area, including key insights from the Good Practice Principles for Data Ethics in the Public Sector.

The event explored questions such as:

  • What is the relevance of data ethics for decisions on service design and delivery?
  • How to use existent governance structures and tools to align data ethics with other policies such as integrity, open government and public procurement?
  • What are the systemic and organisational data governance implications for data ethics in the public sector?
  • How to move from non-binding values-driven principles to implementation to avoid data ethics washing?

Contact: Arturo Rivera, Policy analyst, Digital Government and Data, OECD