Consumer policy

Workshop on Applying Behavioural Insights to Consumer and Competition Policy


 14 April 2023 - 13:00-16:30 CET  OECD Conference Centre, Paris  


Competition and consumer policy share the goal of enhancing consumer welfare, by fostering markets that deliver better goods and services for consumers while empowering and protecting them from harm. Insights from behavioural science have long demonstrated that consumers are prone to a range of behavioural biases, particularly online, that may affect the way they make decisions. Examples include default bias (a tendency to remain with a default option) or myopia (a tendency to focus on the present and ignore future outcomes).

A better understanding of behavioural biases can greatly assist policy makers and enforcers in both policy areas to understand how markets actually work, improve enforcement and design effective policy interventions. Furthermore, with increased convergence in digital markets between competition and consumer policy and related areas (e.g. privacy and data governance), there is an increasing need for interdisciplinary and holistic policy perspectives to ensure that markets work well for consumers and businesses.

The OECD Committee on Consumer Policy and Competition Committee will hold a joint workshop on applying behavioural insights to competition and consumer policy on 14 April 2023 (see link to agenda below). The workshop will build on both committees’ existing work on behavioural insights (see below links to related work).

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See the draft agenda 

Read the OECD issues paper

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Attendance is by invitation only.

Any questions related to the scope of the workshop should be sent to [email protected]  and [email protected].

For logistics, please contact [email protected] or [email protected].


Mathias Cormann Bio  
Secretary-General, OECD

Avishalom Tor  Bio 
Professor of Law, University of Notre Dame
  Gina Cass-Gottlieb Bio  
Chair, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)
  Zita Vasas Bio  
Vice President, Compass Lexicon 
Hugh Stevenson Bio  
Chair, OECD Committee on Consumer Policy, and Deputy Director, Office of International Affairs, US Federal Trade Commission
Inge Graef Bio    
Associate Professor of Competition Law, Tilburg University

Frédéric Jenny Bio  
Competition Committee Chair, OECD

Edwin van Houten Bio  
Director of the Consumer Department, Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets

Matthew Bennett Bio  
Vice President, Charles River Associates

Simone Wong  
Principal Economist, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Emanuele Ciriolo Bio  
Head, Competence Centre on Behavioural Insights, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

  Guy Parker Bio  
President, International Council for Advertising Self-Regulation, and
CEO, Advertising Standards Authority

Elisabeth Costa Bio  
Managing Director, Behavioural Insights Team UK

  Gregory Day Bio  
Assistant Professor of Legal Studies, University of Georgia

Andreas Maaløe Jespersen Bio  
Chief Advisor/Expert, Danish Competition and Consumer Authority

Vanessa Turner Bio  
Senior Advisor – Competition, European Consumer Organisation (BEUC)
      Lina Khan Bio 
Chair, United States Federal Trade Commission 
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