Broadband Policies for Latin America and the Caribbean: A Digital Economy Toolkit sheds light on good practices and case studies, based on a whole-of-government approach. Its aim is to offer public authorities an overview of the policies, regulatory practices and options that can maximise the potential of broadband as a driver of economic and social development. The 15 chapters of this Toolkit cover a broad array of topics on policy making in relation to broadband development and use, from digital strategies, regulatory frameworks and spectrum management, to competition, access, affordability and taxation. In addition, there are chapters on education, skills and business uptake, as well as digital security and privacy.
This publication is the outcome of a two-year collaborative project that involved 26 countries in the LAC region and the combined resources of the OECD and the IDB.  It draws on a wealth of information collected from LAC countries and on the continued engagement of stakeholders from the region.
This online platform aims to make the content available in the publication more directly accessible to policy makers, regulators, academics, business and the public. With this in mind, the modules found here enable exploration of all chapters and related content as a guide to the full publication.
The OECD and IDB