OECD participation at the United Nations General Assembly 2017


12-29 September 2017  United Nations, New York

From 12 to 29 September 2017, the OECD will take an active part  in the 72nd Session of the General Assembly Of The United Nations. We look forward to engaging with members and partners on the rolling out of Agenda 2030. We will share the results of our ongoing efforts in support the Sustainable Development Goals: we have a new study on where OECD  countries stand on achieving the SDGs; proposals on how they can support developing countries with data and statistics to monitor gender equality, harness innovative financing for development, or use technology for development results; and new evidence of the role of philanthropy in pursuit of the SDGs.


Programme outline

September 17

Social Good Summit

September 18-19 WEF Summit

September 18 

Sustainable Development Impact Summit hosted by the World Economic Forum.
New platforms are emerging to connect private-sector expertise with public institutions to secure the funding needed to address the SDGs. How can the private sector, civil society and public institutions step up their collaboration to mobilize greater financing for development?

September 19  13h15

Sustainable Development Impact Summit hosted by the World Economic Forum. 
A fourth sector of the economy has been growing amidst the traditional private, public, and nonprofit sectors—consisting of “for-benefit” organizations that harness business to drive social and environmental impact. This workshop brings together leaders from all sectors who are ready to scale business as a force for good. The goal is to identify concrete opportunities for collaboration; driving policy, investment, entrepreneurship, job creation, and trillions of dollars of growth in the fourth sector globally by 2030.

September 21
12h30 - 15h

UN Women’s 2017 Leaders’ Forum

September 21 TED Theater SoHo

We the Future

September 18
15h – 17h30

High-level launch of the Equal Pay International Coalition (EPIC), jointly organised by the ILO, UN Women and the OECD

September 20
10h - 12h

Side event “Harnessing Skills for Rural Transformation and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals”, organised by the NEPAD Agency

September 21
7h30 - 9h

Side-event “Leveraging philanthropy for the 2030 Agenda: from evidence to action”, jointly organised by netFWD, AMEXCID and Germany





UN Headquarters, New York, United States



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