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All about numbers – who spends what, where? This page aims to help you find the data you are looking for based on the level of detail and topic you are interested in.

The global picture of Official Development Assistance (ODA)

2013 and 2014 DAC flows at a glance

Aid at a Glance donor

Discover the latest ODA flows, the breakdown of bilateral ODA by income group and by region, the top ten recipients of bilateral ODA, and bilateral ODA by sector (Dec. 2015).

Preliminary ODA 2015 flows and trends since 1960
‌‌ODA viz long term

View ODA in terms of volume (USD) and as percentage of a country's wealth (Gross National Income) (April 2016).

For background, explanations and key statistics on ODA see    Introduction to Official Development Assistance

Country and sectoral data


Aid statistics by donor, recipient and sector

Explore down to the project level how much aid (ODA) and in which sectors has been provided or received (Dec. 2015).


Visit ‌‌‌ a tool which provides a visual presentation of key data on aid flows by donor and recipient over the last ten years.  The data are presented in a user-friendly way through a series of charts and tables by donor and recipient.   The OECD DAC has partnered with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, and the African Development Bank to make global aggregate data on aid funding easy to access.


Do not miss our Aid at a glance summary charts of aid (ODA)    by donor, recipient and region

   and "Data Visualisation Lab"


Data tables


A comprehensive set of ready-made tables on resource flows to developing countries have been prepared in Excel (22 Dec. 2015)

Access the full list


The following reference DAC Statistical Tables (xls) are a supplement to the Statistics on Resource Flows to Developing Countries (13 April 2016)

Other important data:


Accessing the International Development Statistics online databases (IDS online)


The International Development Statistics databases (updated on 13 April 2016) cover bilateral and multilateral aid (ODA), private providers’ aid and other resource flows to developing countries.  Data are presented under three sub-themes:

  • Flows by provider”:  volume, origin and types of aid and other resource flows;
  • Flows by provider and recipient”: historical and forward-looking data on volume, origin and destination of resource flows;
  • Flows based on individual projects (CRS)”: detailed information on individual aid activities, such as sectors, countries, project descriptions etc. used to derive aggregate data.

Find more information about these databases, other thematic datasets, popular queries and bulk downloads on our IDS online page.

Visit IDS online


  There are two ways to access DAC and CRS data.  

QWIDS (Query Wizard for International Development Statistics)

is the easiest way to search our databases as it automatically selects the most appropriate dataset to match your search.





is the OECD's data warehouse. Access is recommended for users familiar with the content of individual DAC and CRS datasets.

Go to OECD.Stat

See also all DAC data submitters with links to data portals and other aid statistics resources. View the list