Special Review of Chile's Development Co-operation (2014)



Following a request by the Chilean International Co-operation Agency (AGCI), the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) conducted, from November 2013 to January 2014, a Special Review of the country’s development co-operation policies and programmes. The review was carried out by Advisors from Germany and Switzerland working in conjunction with the OECD Secretariat. A representative from Colombia participated as an Observer. The main objective of the Special Review was to provide critical, helpful and respectful insights to the Chilean authorities to support their own efforts to strengthen their development co-operation programme and systems.

The Special Review found that Chile’s own development success has attracted considerable interest, especially from its neighbours in Latin America and the Caribbean, to which it is responding by providing bilateral and triangular development co-operation as well as substantial support to and through multilateral organisations. To respond to the growing demand, Chile has set itself the ambition of improving its development co-operation by strengthening the programme’s foundations to make them more purposeful, systematic and capable of responding strategically. The Special Review found that these efforts can be consolidated and built on further by making the legal and policy framework more fit for purpose, improving inter-ministerial co-ordination, mobilising more resources for development co-operation, continuing to modernise management of the programme and putting in place systems to enable Chile to evaluate its activities and learn from experience.      

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Chile was the seventh country to undergo a Special Review, after Iceland (2012), the Slovak Republic and Slovenia (both 2011), Poland (2010),  Korea (2008) and the Czech Republic (2007). Special Reviews are a consultative processes, drawing on the DAC’s experience and methodology for conducting peer reviews. The DAC welcomes the Special Reviews as the opportunity to share experiences with and learn from the perspectives and expertise of providers of development co-operation that are not members of the Committee.


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