• 12-July-2016


    Aid to the Energy Generation and Supply sector

    The DAC defines aid to Energy generation and supply as including energy sector policy, planning and programmes, and aid to power generation of both renewable and non-renewable sources.

  • 13-April-2016


    Global aid prospects and projections

    For developing countries, uncertainty about funding can stand in the way of longer-term reforms. For donors, lack of transparency makes it harder to harmonise efforts.To promote transparency, we conduct annual surveys of donors' spending plans for the following years.

  • 15-January-2016


    Aid to Health

    The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) collects aid flows at activity level based on a standard methodology and agreed definitions. Aid to Health is covered by two main sectors; 1.Aid to Health - General and Basic Health, and, 2. Population Policies/Programmes and Reproductive Health - includes HIV/AIDS.

  • 8-January-2016


    Country programmable aid (CPA)

    Built on an earlier concept of “core” aid, we have developed the concept of country programmable aid (CPA). CPA is much closer than ODA to capturing the flows of aid that goes to the partner country.

  • 11-December-2015


    Resource flows beyond ODA in DAC statistics

    Since the Monterrey Consensus in 2002, discussions on external resources for development have increasingly paid attention to broad development finance, rather than focusing on ODA. In this context, the DAC is working to enhance its statistics on resource flows to developing countries beyond ODA

  • 11-October-2013


    Aid to the Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Rural Development sectors

    The OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) collects aid flow data at activity level based on a standard methodology and agreed definitions. Aid to agriculture includes Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Rural Development.

  • 18-June-2013


    Aid to Environment at a Glance

    The following tables and charts (2010-2011) summarize statistics on the environmental focus of aid extended by each DAC member. Information shown includes the environment marker coverage, the top ten recipients and a sector breakdown of environment focused aid.

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  • 24-February-2012

    English, , 1,165kb

    Estadísticas tributarias en América latina 1990-2009

    Disponer de un conjunto sólido de datos comparables es fundamental para facilitar el diálogo sobre política fiscal y la evaluación de alternativas de reforma fiscal.

  • 25-January-2012


    Working Paper on Making Reform Happen in Colombia

    New working paper release from Fedesarrollo on Making reform in Colombia: the process of regional transfer reform.

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  • 14-June-2011

    English, , 590kb

    OECD Development Centre Asian Business Cycle Indicators (June 2011)

    ASEAN economies show resilience in growth in the second quarter of 2011 according to the latest Asian Business Cycle Indicators (ABCIs). Malaysia and Thailand show upward movement in business cycles. Some signs of slowing appeared in China and India.

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