Perspectives on global development

Social cohesion in Southeast Asia: Experts’ meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, 21 July 2011




Social cohesion is the topic of the upcoming edition of the Perspectives on Global Development report which every year, identifies analyses and provides workable policy solutions for a pressing global development challenge. Having focused on major macroeconomic changes occurring in the world economy – what we call “Shifting Wealth” - in 2010, the PGD report now turns to the challenge of how we can build more cohesive societies in the new global context. As part of this initiative, the OECD Development Centre organises, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, a one-day seminar with the purpose of identifying key policy questions on social cohesion in Southeast Asia.

Organisation of the meeting


The meeting will feature 3 sessions:

  • The first session will examine the relationship between social cohesion and development in the context of Southeast Asia.
  • The second session will look into best practices and policy options to foster social cohesion and inclusive growth in Southeast Asia.
  • The third session will concentrate on issues related to civic participation in the particular case of Thailand.

Who will participate?


The seminar will gather about 50 people mostly from the region: civil servants, policy makers, representatives of the administration and of international organisations, academia, and civil society representatives.



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