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The rise of China and India
Exchange Rates and Global Imbalances

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Helmut Reisen is head of research and counsellor to the Director of the OECD Development Centre. His recent work includes analysis into China's economic impact on poor countries, the role of exchange rates to restore global current account balance, and the global aid architecture.

Mr Reisen has written extensively in scholarly journals* and the financial press, including two prize-winning essays in the Amex Bank Review competition. He writes a regular economics column in Internationale Politik and in Financial Times Deutschland and is a member of the editorial boards of International Finance, Deutsche Bank Research Notes, Internationale Politik and Review of Development Finance.
Mr Reisen holds a PhD from Cologne University and is a Professor of International Economics at the University of Basel. Prior to joining the OECD, he worked at Commerzbank AG, the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, the Federation of German Industries and the German Ministry of Economics.


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Books & Studies

The Rise of China and India: What's in it for Africa? (2006)
By Helmut Reisen, A. Goldstein, N. Pinaud and X. Chen

After Gleneagles: What role for loans in ODA? (2006)
By Daniel Cohen, P. Jacquet and H. Reisen

> Innovative Approaches to Funding the Millennium Development Goals  (2004)
By Helmut Reisen

> Don't Fix, Don't Float  (8/2001)
By Jorge Braga de Macedo, D. Cohen and H. Reisen

> Pensions, Savings, and Capital Flows: From Ageing to Emerging Markets (1/2000)
By Helmut Reisen, Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham

Working Papers & Policy Insights

The Macroeconomic Effects of Large Exchange Rate Appreciations, (02/2011)

By Marcus Kappler, Helmut Reisen, Moritz Schularick and Edouard Turkish, OECD Development Centre Working Paper No. 296

The Renminbi and Poor-Country Growth, (09/2010)

By Chirstopher Garroway, Burcu Hacibedel, Helmut Reisen and Edouard Turkish, OECD Development Centre Working Paper No. 292

The Macro Management of Commodity Booms: Africa and Latin America's Response to Asian Demand, (08/2008)

By Rolando Avendano, Helmut Reisen and Javier Santiso, OECD Development Centre Working Paper No. 270

En Route to Accra: The Global Development-Finance Non-System, (08/2008)

By Helmut Reisen, OECD Development Centre Policy Insight No. 72

How to Spend It: Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Wealth of Nations  (02/2008 / FR)
By Helmut Reisen, OECD Development Centre Policy Insights No. 59

> Prudent versus Imprudent Lending to Africa: From Debt Relief to Emerging Lenders  (01/2008)
By Helmut Reisen and Sokhna Ndoye, OECD Development Centre Working Papers No. 268

> Is China Actually Helping Improve Debt Sustainability in Africa?  (10/2007)
By Helmut Reisen, G24 Policy Brief No. 9

> Loans or Grants (1/2007)
By Helmut Reisen, D. Cohen and P. Jacquet, Discussion Paper Series No. 6024, Centre for Economic Policy Research

> Exchange rate regimes and macroeconomic performance in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico (8/2005)
By Martín Grandes and H. Reisen, CEPAL Review Nº 86,pages 7-26. (also available in Spanish)

> Macroeconomic Policies: New Issues of Interdependence (1/2005)
By Helmut Reisen, M. Grandes and N. Pinaud

> Financing Global and Regional Public Goods Through Oda: Analysis and Evidence From the OECD Creditor Reporting System  (1/2004)
By Helmut Reisen, M. Soto and T. Weithöner

> Ratings Since the Asian Crisis  (11/2003)
By Helmut Reisen

> Float in Order to Fix? Lessons from Emerging Markets for EU Accession Countries   (11/2003)
By Jorge Braga de Macedo and Helmut Reisen

> Warning: Past Pension Fund Performance is No Guarantee for Future Performance (1998)
By Helmut Reisen, in OECD, Institutional Investors in the New Financial Landscape, Paris

> On the Wealth of Nations and Retirees (1994)
By Helmut Reisen, Amex Bank Review Awards Prize Essays, Finance and the International Economy Vol. 8.


Prudent versus Imprudent Lending to Africa after HIPC and MDRI (15-16 November 2007)
Conference presentation at "Debt Sustainability: A Long-Term Challenge", organised by the GTZ, Berlin.

> The Asian Giants' Integration into the World Economy: What Does it Mean to the Poor and the Rich? (14-15 November 2007)
Presentation at IIASA Conference 2007 on "Global Development: Science and Policies for the Future", Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna, Austria (watch the presentation on video)

> China’s and India’s Implications for the World Economy (19 December 2006)
Basel University Lectures Series

> China and India: What’s in it for Africa? (18-19 January 2006)
Prepared for Seventh Annual Global Development Conference, St. Petersburg

> Asia’s Growing Presence in the Global Economy: What’s in for Africa?   (23 May 2005)
Presentation for ABCDE Conference, Amsterdam

> Demography, Exchange Rates and Financial Assets: A Two-Country Perspective   (9/2004)
Prepared for CFS-Allianz Group conference on 'Capital markets in the long-term: Demography, economic development and funded pensions systems', Frankfurt/Main

> Will Basel II Contribute to Convergence in International Capital Flows? (2001)
Österreichische Nationalbank, 29. Volkswirtschaftliche Tagung 2001


Articles in Journals and in the Media

>  Die Neuvermessung der Welt: Konsequenzen fur die Entwicklungszusammenarbeit. KFW-Development Research, 16. Dezember 2010

Eastern Donors and Western Soft Law: Towards a DAC Donor Peer Review of China and India? Development Policy Review, 2010 28 (5): 535-552

Boom, bust and sovereign ratings: Lessons for the Eurozone from emerging-market ratings. VoxEU, 19 May 2010

Patient Africa - Magician China? Das Erste documentary, 26 April 2010

On the renminbi and economic convergence. Vox.EU, 17 December 2009

>The Asian Drivers and Africa: Learning from Case Studies. World Economy, Volume 32 Issue 11, December 2009

>Neue Geber, überholte Struktur, E+Z, October 2009

>Old habits, new donors, D+C, October 2009

>Shifting wealth: Is this the US dollar Empire falling?, Vox-EU, 20 June 2009

>Russia says yuan could be reserve currency in decade, The Guardian, Saturday June 6 2009

>Frischer Wind aus Asien, International Politik, June 2009

>The Multilateral Donor Non-System: Towards Accountability and Efficient Role Assignment, The Open-Access; Open-Assment E-Journal, Discussion Paper, March 2009 

Gegen Ansteckung nicht immun, Internationale Politik, December 2008

Die Neuvermessung des Welt, Internationale Politik, July/August 2008

Commodity and non-commodity sovereign wealth funds Deutsche Bank Research Notes 28, July 2008

Fonds souverains et économie du développement, Revue de politique économique 7/8-2008

Schleichende Ansteckung statt Abkopplung (Financial Times Deutschland Blog - 15 April 2008)

Anfällige Anlageregion Afrika?, Internationale Politik, April 2008

Ja, mach nur einen G8-Plan, Internationale Politik, 1/2008, pp.80-81.

Loans or Grants?, Review of World Economics, Vol. 143.4 (4/2007), pp. 764-782 (with Daniel Cohen and Pierre Jacquet).

Chine/Afrique: vers une dette plus soutenable ? Courrier de la planète n° 84, 01/08

Neue Heuschrecken, Internationale Politik, 10/07 (English Version)

Schwächelnde Schwestern: Verlieren Währungsfonds und Weltbank dauerhaft an Bedeutung?, Internationale Politik, 7-8/2007

Wer hat Angst vor China in Afrika?, Internationale Politik, 5/2007

Tante-Emma-Läden oder Supermarkt?, Internationale Politik, 1/2007

Lob der Langsamkeit, Internationale Politik, 10/2006

Der Fluch der schwarzen Schmiere, Internationale Politik, 7/2006 

> Die asiatischen Giganten und Afrika, Internationale Politik, 4/2006 

> Globalisierung, Proletariat und Prekariat , Internationale Politik, 1/2006

> Den Armen helfen – aber wie? , Internationale Politik, 11/2005

Forgive Debt and Keep on LendingLob des Kredits (8-9/2005) By Helmut Reisen and Daniel Cohen, Development & Co-operation / Entwicklung & Zusammenarbeit

Live 8, Grants and Loans, (with Daniel Cohen),  OECD Observer, 7/2005

> Schwarzmalers Albtraum , Internationale Politik, 7/2005

> China's Währungspolitik und das internationale Währungssystem , Internationale Politik, 4/2005

> Beben, Fluten und öffentliche HilfeDie Armen trifft es am härtesten: Warum Entwicklungshilfe bei Naturkatastrophen immer notwendiger wird , Internationale Politik, 2/2005

> 50 Milliarden Dollar dringend gesucht!, Internationale Politik, 1/2005

> Fund ing the fight against global poverty, OECD Observer, 11/2004

> Tobin tax: Could it work?, OECD Observer, 2/2002



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