OECD-World Bank Global Forum on Sustainable Development


23/11/2006 - The OECD Global Forum on Sustainable Development, in cooperation with the World Bank and Agence Française de Développement, will discuss how governments in developing countries can work with local private water companies to provide affordable safe water and basic sanitation, and the role donors, the financial sector and international private water companies should play. Representatives from OECD and developing countries, major international water companies (e.g. Suez, Veolia, and Thames Water), and new private water operators from developing countries will look at the examples of countries such as Argentina, the Philippines, Russia, and China where the number of public-private partnerships and projects in the water sector is increasing.

Journalists are invited to the final panel discussion on 30 November at 15:00. Michel Camdessus, the former head of IMF who led the Camdessus Panel on 'Financing water for all', Jamal Saghir World Bank Director Water and Energy, OECD and developing country government representatives, the private sector and NGOs will summarise key policy conclusions.

To arrange for inteviews and to attend the closing panel at The World Bank-Conference Center, 66 av d'Iéna 75116, Paris, journalists are invited to contact Helen Fisher, OECD media relations (tel: + 331 45 24 80 97).

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