What is a Multi-dimensional Country Review?

OECD Multi-Dimensional Country Reviews (MDCRs) are a tool adapted to the realities of emerging and developing countries. MDCRs provide national policy makers and their partners with the inputs needed for a nationally-owned and implemented development strategy; underlining the set of concrete steps that will address the key constraints across all dimensions of national development. The national development strategy will help the country maintain momentum for the social and economic development needed, as well as identify and build effective strategies to achieve inclusive, sustainable and equitable growth that can improve the well-being of all citizens. The effectiveness of the MDCR’s process cements the quality of the national development strategy.

What is Multi-dimensionality?

The set of challenges that emerging and developing countries face are complex and multifaceted. Policy makers need to reconcile economic, social and environmental objectives to ensure that their country’s development path is sustainable and that the lives of citizens improve.

In this respect, the OECD’s Multi-dimensional Country Reviews aim to design policies and strategies that promote development in a holistic sense, and do not simply promote growth. This allows for the discussion of policy interactions in different scenarios to consider compatibilities and complementarities between policies. In doing so, this helps to identify the synergies and implementation of policies needed to remove the major constraints to development which a sector-by-sector approach might miss.