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The 2001 Investment Policy Review of Ukraine builds on the 1993 OECD Investment Guide for Ukraine and is primarily intended to further advance the policy dialogue and co-operation between the OECD and Ukrainian decision-makers on investment issues. The review assesses the implementation of the legal rules, with an emphasis on their practical enforcement, and identifies gaps in legislation and institutional frameworks, distilling an array of policy recommendations. In addition to the legal and institutional setting specifically dealing with foreign investment issues, the review encompasses salient features of the overall business regime in Ukraine, such as legislation ensuring the rule of law, contract and property protection, corporate legislation, secured lending and financial sector legislation, taxation, public governance, including privatisation, competition and anti-corruption measures.


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The 2002 Investment Policy Review of Ukraine is a progress report builds on the results of the OECD-Ukraine Forum on Investment and Enterprise Development: Inaugural Meeting of the OECD-Ukraine Forum on Investment and Enterprise Development, held in Kiev on 21-22 February 2002. It comprises the report prepared by the Ukrainian Government, the OECD assessment, the business perspectives, and presentations by national and international practitioners and experts. A broad set of issues are addressed, ranging from the general economic situation to achievements and difficulties in the fields of taxation, privatisation, financial sector and banking. The report also reflects the discussion on further steps in OECD-Ukraine co-operation, and outlines the activities of other international organisations and bilateral donors in support of the reform process.


The progress report provides a record of the reforms under way and the ongoing debate on the reform process in Ukraine -- a country with strong economic potential but which has yet to be perceived as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment.


Browse the book online for free or buy a paper copy.


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