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Global Outlook on Financing for Sustainable Development


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Tax, investment, aid, philanthropy, remittances... No single source of financing is enough to deliver the 2030 Agenda.

Those flows are all very different in nature, involve different sets of actors and have different effects: they do not simply “add up” for sustainable development.

But deliberate action by governments and private stakeholders can help maximise their synergies, support national and regional strategies efficiently, and amplify the positive outcomes on people’s well-being.

To guide such action, and implement the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, the international community needs a new compass.

What is the Global Outlook?

OECD report provides:  

  • an analytical framework for a holistic and integrated approach to financing for sustainable development;
  • new data and statistical resources, including OECD member profiles;
  • concrete solutions and tools to maximise development finance, and to enable countries to finance their own development goals in a sustainable manner

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