Evaluation of development programmes

Czech Republic - DAC Evaluation Network Member


Development Cooperation & Humanitarian Aid Department
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

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Organisation Background

The Czech Republic was the first Central European country to become an OECD member state in 1995. It was approved as the 26th OECD DAC member in 2013 following a review conducted by the OECD DAC in 2006.
The Act on Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid was passed in 2010, which provided the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) with the mandate to co-ordinate Czech development co-operation and conduct evaluations. The Czech Development Agency (CzDA) was also established by the Act.
The Development Co-operation Strategy of the Czech Republic 2010–2017 sets out the strategic framework and the functional details of monitoring and evaluation of Czech development assistance. The Strategy outlines that evaluations provide feedback and are to be considered during the preparation of new programmes or projects and to inform decisions on the allocation of additional funds in a given country or sector. The Project Cycle Methodology for Bilateral Development Projects complements the Act and serves as the reference document for evaluation activities. The new Strategy is being produced for the post-2017 period and will replace the current one.
The Desk Officer for evaluation reports to the Head of Department, who reports to MFA senior management. The Council for Development Cooperation ensures inter-ministerial co-ordination and coherence of the goals and priorities of development co-operation and other instruments of government policy. The Council sets up Working Groups for various specific activities in development co-operation, including evaluations. The Evaluation Plan is prepared annually in collaboration with the MFA, the Council and the CzDA to reflect the policy needs and management priorities of Czech bilateral ODA. The Evaluation Plan is approved by the Council and by MFA senior management. The Desk Officer is the focal contact point for external consultants.

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