Tokyo International Conference on Africa’s Development


Tokyo International Conference on Africa’s Development


Yokohama, 2 June- At the invitation of the TICAD General Secretariat, the Development Centre presented the African Economic Outlook (AEO) 2013 in the context of TICAD V, together withits partners the African Development Bank and the UNDP.

The AEO monitors annually the developments of all individual African economies (except Somalia) and provides original 2-year macroeconomic forecasts. Participants came in numbers to listen to OECD Secretary General Rintaro Tamaki call for a fresh look at Africa’s natural resources: energy, mines and agriculture are too often deemed a ‘curse’ for development, while they can actually be the basis of the continent’s structural transformation, and the key to accelerating the creation of decent jobs. He cited Chile, Malaysia and Botswana as examples of abundant natural wealth turned into equitable economic development.

Mr. Takayuki Miyashita, Special Adviser to the TICAD Secretary General, stressed the usefulness of tools such as the AEO for casting light on decisions by both public and private operators, recalling the emphasis put by this edition of TICAD on knowledge partnerships as an essential dimension of Japan’s cooperation with Africa. Dr. Khathu Sikhitha, Senior Economist at the Economic Development Dpt of South Africa, brought his country’s perspective on the challenges of redressing deeply rooted social and economic inequalities, and the potential that better management on natural resources withholds.  A lively discussion followed with the participants, which included  investors, academics, NGOs and civil servants from Japan, Africa and Europe.

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