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  • 28-September-2012


    netFWD - Global Network of Foundations Working for Development

    netFWD is a small group of self-selected foundations committed to optimising and accelerating the impact of philanthropy for development through the sharing of experiences, lesson learning, policy influencing and the development of innovative partnerships.

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  • 15-June-2005

    English, , 221kb

    Towards Comprehensive Development Policies - The OECD Development Centre’s 2005-2006 Programme of Work

    The international policy debate on achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has highlighted the need for OECD and developing countries to together adopt a broader approach to development co-operation. Such an approach requires that new sources of development finance be identified, that aid be made more effective, that the coherence between aid, investment, trade and migration policies be improved, and that governance systems

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