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DeFiNe in the OECD Global Forum on Development


Working meetings of DeFiNe contribute to the preparation of the OECD Global Forum on Development, an annual event which was launched in 2006 to improve dialogue between the OECD and non-member governments, as well as a variety of private sector and civil society actors.

The Global Forum on Development is organised jointly by the OECD Development Centre and the OECD Development Co-operation Directorate


> 2010 Global Forum on Development: Fiscal Policy (Taxation)

28 January 2010, Paris 

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> 2012 Global Forum on Development: Public Expenditures for Development

28-29 February 2012, Paris

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The current cycle of the Forum focuses on Domestic Resource Mobilisation (DRM). In times of cognitive crisis, both external resource flows (ODA, FDI) and domestic revenues become less reliable. Hence there is a need to create more predictability in revenue mobilisation and to take a cohesive approach to resource mobilisation both at home and abroad. While good practices and quick fixes will help overcome the crisis, long-term solutions are needed to build ownership and promote good governance. 


The Development Centre strives for energetic and inspiring events capable of proposing practical and immediate policy recommendations, with focus on implementation. It makes effort to disseminate the Forum’s  message to a large audience consisting of global, regional and national stakeholders and to put it in the most relevant context by inviting and hearing from policy practitioners, studying success stories, and preparing targeted self-contained sessions.




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