Country programmable aid (CPA)


Country programmable aid (CPA) is the portion of aid that providers can programme for individual countries or regions, and over which partner countries could have a significant say. Developed in 2007, CPA is a closer proxy of aid that goes to partner countries than the concept of official development assistance (ODA)


CPA reflects the amount of aid that is subjected to multi-year planning at country/regional level, and is defined through exclusions, by subtracting from total gross bilateral ODA that is:

  • unpredictable by nature (humanitarian aid and debt relief);
  • entails no cross-border flows (administrative costs, imputed student costs, promotion of development awareness,and research and refugees in donor countries);
  • does not form part of co-operation agreements between governments (food aid and aid from local governments);
  • is not country programmable by the donor (core funding of NGOs).


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