African Economic Outlook 2004/2005: Structure of Report


The African Economic Outlook project aims to provide reliable information on economic and social development progress in Africa, as well as on short-term prospects.
The report consists of three main parts:

Part One: The Overview

An overview monitors progress in African economies, highlighting progress made and points to important policy challenges that need to be resolved by African States or the international community. Each year, the Outlook also provides an in-depth analysis of a topic critical for Africa’s development prospects. The 2005 focus is on financing small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) development. Previous editions featured privatisation and energy.

Part Two: Country Studies on Selected African Countries

This part is the core of the report. It monitors developments in selected African countries and provides a unique instrument for development stakeholders. Each country chapter follows the same structure consisting of: a summary introduction, a section on the recent macroeconomic situation (including fiscal and monetary policies) and short-term outlook, a section on structural issues and a final section on political and social developments (including poverty assessment). Special attention is paid to providing original updated information on the focus selected in Part I.

Part Three: Selected Statistics on African Countries

The Statistical Annex provides a selected list of original data for individual African economies, ranging from Diversification and Competitiveness Indexes, Poverty and Income Distribution Indicators, Political Stability Indexes, etc.

African Economic Outlook 2004/2005
Available in print (paperback) and electronic format (pdf)
540 pages, OECD, Paris 2005
OECD Code 41 2005 01 1 P1
ISBN 92-64-01000-9