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Few and Far: The Hard Facts on Stolen Asset Recovery


Development agencies which are committed to development effectiveness have an important role in the asset recovery process. Development agencies’ involvement is key because the return of the proceeds of corruption to developing countries is a tool with significant development impact. Returned funds contribute to achieving direct development goals in the health and education sectors as well as provide other benefits to developing countries, as a new OECD report shows.


Produced in partnership with the Stolen Asset Recovery Initiative this publication reports on how OECD countries perform on asset recovery, provides analysis on their current forms of engagement with developing countries on this topic, makes recommendations and highlights good practices taken by bilateral development agencies in this area.


Few and Far is primarily intended to support the anti-corruption and asset recovery efforts of developed and developing jurisdictions, with a particular focus on actions for development agencies. In addition, civil society organizations engaged in governance and development issues may wish to use these findings and recommendations in their reports and advocacy efforts.


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