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Social cohesion in Africa: Experts’ meeting in Rabat, Morocco, 13 April 2011




Social cohesion was the topic of the latest edition of the Perspectives on Global Development report which every year, identifies analyses and provides workable policy solutions for a pressing global development challenge. Having focused on major macroeconomic changes occurring in the world economy – what we call “Shifting Wealth” - in 2010, the PGD report now turns to the challenge of how we can build more cohesive societies in the new global context. As part of this initiative, the OECD Development Centre organises, in cooperation with the Haut Commissariat au Plan of Morocco, a one-day seminar with the purpose of identifying key policy questions on social cohesion and social cohesion policy in Africa.


Organisation of the meeting


The meeting featured 4 sessions:

  • The first session examined the relationship between social cohesion and development.
  • The second session was dedicated to the identification of innovative measures of social cohesion.
  • The third session looked at a particular area of public policy: youth employment through the lenses of social cohesion.
  • The final session gathered policy makers to exchange best practices and experiences on policy issues related to social cohesion.


Who participated?


The seminar gathered about 50 people mostly from the region: civil servants, policy makers, representatives of the administration and of international organisations, academia, and civil society representatives.








Session 1

  1. Johannes Jütting, OECD Development Centre - La cohésion sociale, est-elle menacée? (in French)
  2. Noureddine El Aoufi, University of Mohammed V-Agdal - Etat, Gouvernementalité et cohésion sociale au Maroc (in French)
  3. François Farah, UNFPA, - Social Cohesion: An Evolving Concept, A Challenging Reality 


Session 2

  1. Madior Fall, Afristat - Quelques réflexions et acquis sur la mesure du progrès social dans le contexte africain (in French)
  2. Robert Tortora, Gallup - Income and Optimism in North Africa: Steps to a Social Cohesion Index 
  3. Mohamed Douidich, Haut Commissariat au Plan, Maroc - Menaces à l’intégration sociale: mesure, rapport à la satisfaction,cartographie et déterminants (in French)


Session 3

  1. Couty Fall, UNDP - Examen d’une Politique économique en Afrique à travers le prisme de la cohésion sociale en Afrique: emploi des jeunes et cohésion sociale (in French)
  2. Said Hanchane, Higher Education Council, Morocco - La non qualification etl’emploi des jeunes : Quels défis pour le régime de cohésion sociale marocain? (in French)
  3. Tendai Pasipanodya, Youth Employment Network - The Youth Employment Network (YEN) 
  4. Joao Cunha, African Development Bank - Accelerating the AfDB’s Response to the Youth Employment Crisis in Africa


Session 4

  1. Milly ODONGO, National Cohesion and Integration Commission, Kenya - Should social cohesion be set as a policy objective? 


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