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2018 DevCom Annual meeting




What Brings Us Together

OECD 21 - 22 November 2018  

The 2018 DevCom Annual Meeting - What Brings Us Together - brought together more than 80 participants from a mix of stakeholder groups. Celebrating DevCom’s 30th anniversary, participants discussed the principles, practices and partnerhips needed to promote equality and sustainable development today.


To open the multistakeholder sessions on Day 1, OECD Chief of Staff Gabriela Ramos shared welcome remarks on how to communicate about contentious subjects like migration and multilateralism in a modern world characterised by digitalisation.


In a Workshop on Communicating for Gender Equality, award-winning TV presenter Annette Young delivered a powerful keynote on #The51%, a programme that tells stories of women re-shaping the world. The Workshop included an interactive discussion on good practices with ODI’s Caroline Harper, Promundo’s Giovanna Lauro, and Girl Effect’s Kecia Bertermann. Lucia Burtnik of the Y20 moderated a dynamic set of group exercises. To close the Workshop, Latifa Belmahdi of Global Affairs Canada presented Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy and invited all participants to join the 2019 Women Deliver Conference in Vancouver on 3-6 June.



Check out Katja Iversen’s inspiring video message for DevCom!



In the afternoon of Day 1, DevCom joined forces with its sister network, the Emerging Markets Network (EMnet), for a joint Workshop on Businesses as SDG Advocates. Jahda Swanborough of the World Economic Forum moderated a panel discussion with Indalecio Perez and Julia Gambarini of Inditex, Giulia Di Tommaso of Ferrero and Charlotte Portier of the Global Reporting Initiative. In a series of group discussions, experts from the private and public sectors shared their experiences with the SDGs and identified good practices in engaging citizens for the goals.


In the final session of Day 1, participants reflected on the way we talk about development. In a panel moderated by the Guardian’s Lucy Lamble, Mwanja Nganjo of the African Union Development Agency called for more positive stories to support Agenda 2063: The Africa We Want. Mathilde Schneider explained how the AFD has begun framing its work in terms of an “investment”, not just “assistance”. David Kruger discussed how the Asian Development Bank had expanded its focus from reducing poverty to challenges like financing infrastructure and addressing climate change. The OECD’s Chiara Di Stefano highlighted the need to collaborate with civil society in engaging citizens for international co-operation.


Mario Pezzini, Director of the OECD Development Centre, closed Day 1 by welcoming a broader dialogue about development communication. If “development” can no longer be equated with “aid”, then we need more diverse countries and stakeholders to share their perspectives, narratives and ideas.


On Day 2, DevCom members came together for peer-learning sessions on how to: communicate the goals of development cooperation; build trust and demonstrate results; connect with people through influencer marketing and cultural events. In each session, Jennifer vanHeerde-Hudson shared insights from public attitudes research. Members also discussed priorities for the 2019-2020 DevCom work programme.


A full report of the event will be available soon! HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY, DEVCOM!


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