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Perspectives on Global Development 2019

Rethinking Development Strategies

In 2008, the weight of developing and emerging economies in the global economy tipped over the 50% mark for the first time. Since then, Perspectives on Global Development has been tracking the shift in global wealth and its impact on developing countries. How much longer can the dividends of shifting wealth benefit development, and what does this mean for development strategies? This new edition first investigates what China’s transformation has meant for global development perspectives, and how shifting wealth has affected countries beyond economic terms, exploring well-being across the developing world. It also analyses and draws lessons from development paradigms over the past 70 years, showing that developing nations in the 21st century have to invent their own, original pathways to greater well-being and sustainability. The time has come to rethink international co-operation and foster more effective exchanges of social and human capital.

Published on November 29, 2018Also available in: French

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SUMMARIESavailable in 26 languages

English Perspectives on Global Development 2019 (Summary in English)
French Perspectives du développement mondial 2019
Spanish Perspectivas del desarrollo mundial 2019
German Perspektiven zur globalen Entwicklung 2019
Japanese 世界開発の展望2019
Italian Prospettive sullo sviluppo globale 2019
Chinese 2019年全球发展视角
Czech Pohled na globální vývoj v roce 2019
Danish Perspektiver vedrørende global udvikling 2019
Dutch Perspectieven over de wereldwijde ontwikkeling 2019
Estonian Üleilmse arengu perspektiivid 2019
Finnish Globaalin kehityksen näkymät 2019
Greek Προοπτικές για την παγκόσμια ανάπτυξη 2019
Hebrew נקודות מבט על התפתחות גלובלית 2019
Hungarian A globális fejlődés kilátásai 2019
Icelandic Rýnt í hnattræna þróun 2019
Korean 2019년 글로벌 개발 전망
Latvian Pasaules attīstības perspektīvas 2019
Norwegian Perspektiver på global utvikling 2019
Polish Perspektywy globalnego rozwoju 2019
Portuguese Perspetivas sobre o Desenvolvimento Mundial 2019
Russian Перспективы глобального развития 2019
Slovak Pohľad na svetový vývoj na rok 2019
Slovene Pogledi na globalno dogajanje 2019
Swedish Perspektiv på global utveckling 2019
Turkish 2019 Küresel Kalkınma Perspektifleri


Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Development strategies for the 21st century
New currents for shifting wealth
Then and now: Differences in development trajectories
A historical overview of development paradigms
Facing new challenges for development
Additional figures
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