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Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration and Development (2017)

Interrelations between Public Policies, Migration and Development is the result of a project carried out by the European Union and the OECD Development Centre in ten partner countries: Armenia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Costa Rica, Côte d’Ivoire, the Dominican Republic, Georgia, Haiti, Morocco and the Philippines. The project aimed to provide policy makers with evidence on the way migration influences specific sectors – labour market, agriculture, education, investment and financial services, and social protection and health – and, in turn, how sectoral policies affect migration. The report addresses four dimensions of the migration cycle: emigration, remittances, return and immigration.

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Perspectives on Global Development 2017 : 
International Migration in a Shifting World

Perspectives on Global Development 2017 presents an overview of the shifting of economic activity to developing countries and examines whether this shift has led to an increase in international migration towards developing countries. The report focuses on the latest data on migration between 1995 and 2015, and uses a new three-way categorisation of countries. It describes the recent evolution of migration overall as well as by groups of countries according to their growth performance. It analyses what drives these trends and also studies the special case of refugees.

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Tackling the Policy Challenges of Migration: Regulation, Integration, Development (2011)

by Jason Gagnon and David Khoudour-Castéras


This book contributes to the current debate on international migration by focusing on three elements in the standard policy dialogue: the regulation of migration flows, the integration of immigrants, in particular in developing countries, and the impact of labour mobility on development. 

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Latin American Economic Outlook (2010)


The OECD Latin American Economic Outlook 2010 provides a fresh analysis of economic trends in the region with a particular focus on the role that international migration and remittances play in fostering development. 

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Gaining from Migration: Towards a New Mobility System (2007)

by Jeff Dayton-Johnson, Louka T. Katseli, Gregory Maniatis, Rainer Münz and Demetrios Papademetriou


This report is a summary of recommendations that provide a road map to maximise the potential gains from migration. New ideas are offered for policies related to labour markets, integration, development co-operation and the engagement of diasporas.

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Policy Coherence for Development: Migration and Developing Countries (2007)


This flagship publication identifies development bottlenecks caused by incoherent OECD country policies in developing and transition economies. It illustrates the joint impact on growth and poverty reduction of policies in four domains: aid, trade, migration and foreign investment.

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