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Country studies

‌These studies include a multi-dimensional diagnosis of the situation of youth, a review of youth policies and recommendations in order to strengthen national stakeholders' understanding of the multiple dimensions of youth inclusion and design appropriate policies. 

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The toolkit includes step-by-step modules to carry out a youth well-being diagnosis and includes practical examples of common youth policies and programmes in the areas of employment, education and skills, health and civic participation. It is divided into two parts:

  • Part I presents the conceptual framework that underlines the toolkit and describes the different challenges and needs of youth as they go through transitions in life.

  • Part II, which is intended for technical experts and policy analysts, provides a step-bystep methodological guide to carry out in-depth analyses on the situation of youth and to profile vulnerable youth using empirical evidence. It includes six modules that can be used at different phases in the policy-making cycle.

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A guidance note for development practitioners

This document provides an overview of key challenges faced by youth in the nine countries reviewed by the project and that the project considered being priority issue to be addressed urgently by governments and the development community.

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Theme studies

These reports focus on issues such as youth entrepreneurship, youth aspirations, rural youth livelihoods and the cost of youth exclusion.

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