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Young people have aspirations and dreams. Only the sky should be the limit to their optimism and creativity. However, the world is changing fast, with new technologies affecting the way we work and the future is increasingly fuzzy for today's young generation. How is the future of work going to evolve and what dreams and aspirations can young people have in this uncertain future?

Aspirations constitute an important driver for a young person's career and life choices. They shape how young people think and feel about themselves, their lives, and their communities and influence their actions in the face of challenges and opportunities. Thus, meeting youth aspirations is an important aspect of social cohesion and increasingly a subject of interest among policymakers as they endeavour to design policies adapted for young people.

On the occasion of the International Youth Day 2017, the EU-OECD Youth Inclusion project launched the Photo Contest: Take a shot at your future, calling for young people aged 18-30 to submit photos representing the future of work and/or their owns aspirations. More than 130 entries from 47 countries were received. After an exciting round of public voting on social media, 2 final winners were selected.


Mr Balla Kane (Senegal) - Afrique s'imagine

Mr Ismail Folaranmi Odetola (Nigeria) - City in the village


They were invited to the Youth Inclusion project's Final Conference and the Global Development Forum on 4-5 April 2018. They were also invited to act as our social media correspondents and facilitate a dialogue on the issues that matter to youth around the world. 

A photobook was produced including the winning photos and other outstanding photos. This photobook is a tribute to the aspirations and vision of the future of work expressed by young people.


Thanks to all participants!





Congratulations to Balla Kane and Ismail Folaranmi Odetola, winners of our Youth Inclusion photo contest. We look forward to having these two participate in our upcoming EU-OECD Youth Inclusion Project's Final Conference and OECD Global Global Development Forum. Stay tuned!



Balla Kane - Afrique s'imagine



Ismail Folaranmi Odetola - City in the Village