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The OECD Development Centre, the EU and development practitioners gathered to identify best strategies for youth well-being



An expert meeting on “National strategies and global responses for youth well-being” was organised in Paris on 17 October. 


The Youth Inclusion Project, co-financed by the EU and implemented by the OECD Development Centre, gathered donors, development experts and practitioners working in the youth field to share experiences on youth policies and programmes in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, technical and vocational training, civic participation and rural youth livelihoods. The overall aim of the meeting was to come up with recommendations to better integrate youth issues into development strategies.

The OECD project team presented the project’s main results from the global and country analyses. The global studies focused on understanding the aspirations of youth, what matters in terms of job facets, and why policy makers need to be careful in promoting entrepreneurship as a solution to the youth employment challenge.

A Guidance Note is under preparation based on the Youth Inclusion Project’s findings and the discussions from the meeting. It will take stock of lessons-learned on policies and programmes that work for youth. The guidance note is intended for the European Commission (EC) staff working in development cooperation, national partners (governmental and non-governmental), as well as other donors and experts that provide technical assistance in the design and implementation of youth policies and programmes. It will be a complementary tool to the Evidence-based Policy Making for Youth Well-being: A Toolkit (OECD, 2017), which provides the diagnostic framework to assess the situation of youth. 


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Presentation "Revisiting the youth employmnet challenge in developing countries">

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