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6th OECD-UNDP G20 Workshop


Sustainable Development and Inclusive Globalisation:
Acting in Time of Crises to Strengthen Recovery and Building Resilience

6th Workshop organised and co-hosted by the OECD and the UNDP‌

Virtual meeting

29 November 2021 - 12:30-15:30 (CET)

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The Covid-19 pandemic was a wake-up call. As highlighted by the UN Secretary General in his recent report “Our Common Agenda”, we are at a critical juncture in human history and “humanity faces a stark and urgent choice: breakdown or breakthrough.” There is no other viable option than strengthened and inclusive co-operation while we are globally off-track to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. While the climate crisis is already hitting the most vulnerable, developing countries are confronted with the long-lasting socio-economic impact of pandemic and the related crisis. Leadership is required more than ever to ensure universal access to vaccines, deal with the legacy of the crisis and address the unprecedented development setbacks that are eradicating years of progress. The global community must work together to chart a course that accelerates the recovery and takes the world from multiple crises to global sustainable development in 2030 and beyond.

Three fundamental shifts are needed:

  1. recognising the need of building resilience to address COVID-19 pandemic and withstand future crises;
  2. improving the governance of global public goods which are these areas that benefit, or pose risks to, humanity as a whole, and which cannot be managed by a country acting alone;
  3. re-embracing partnerships for development and deepening global solidarity, around the principle of working together to manage global public goods and common challenges in a way that distributes costs and burdens fairly, in accordance with basic principles of equity, social justice and shared responsibility, and ensures that those who suffer the most or benefit the least receive help from those who benefit the most.

These changes should aim at addressing the broad range of vulnerabilities that the pandemic and crisis have exposed and building greater resilience to embark on just and fair transitions to sustainable development, and to leveraging all approaches of development co-operation, including north-south, south-south and triangular co-operation and partnerships with civil society, the private sector and foundations.

The 2030 Agenda remains the blueprint to advance towards a strong, inclusive and sustainable recovery, and revamped international co-operation is indispensable. Effective co-operation and collective action depend on a strong and effective multilateral framework for policy action and continuous involvement of all relevant stakeholders and non-state actors to ensure that all voices are heard. Having been elevated to its current form against the backdrop of the 2008 Financial Crisis, once again, the G20 is faced with disruptions of global proportions and once again the G20 can play a critical role in taking on the challenges of our time: paving the way for a global recovery on a more sustainable development path.

As previous editions of the workshop, the 6th edition in 2021 focused on providing a platform for reflection and engagement, bringing together DWG delegates with experts, representatives of non-G20 countries, G20 engagement groups, and other guests for mutual exchange and inspiration. The discussions highlighted the G20’s achievements and potential to take action in this time of crises towards a more sustainable and more inclusive form of globalisation.



Key documents 

  1. 2021 Rome update
  2. G20 Development Ministers Communiqué   
  3. Matera Declaration   
  4. Financing for Sustainable Development
  5. Territorial Development and SDGs Localisation   
  6. ILO OECD WBG Scoping Note on Financing social protection through the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond   
  7. OECD CDP Stocktake Report on Scaling up GSS Bonds in Developing Countries   
  8. OECD UNDP – Closing the SDG Financing Gap in the COVID-19 era   
  9. UNDP Stocktake Report on INFFs
  10. Financing for Sustainable Development Framework 
  11. The G20 action plan on the 2030 agenda



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