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DevTalks - How can we forge new migration partnerships?



Wednesday, 24th November 2021 | 15.00-17.00 CET - Register here

How can we forge new migration partnerships?


Lant Pritchett, Research Director, Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP)

Liana Hoornweg, Director, Sector and Thematic Expertise, Enabel – Belgian Development Agency

Jacqueline Marie Zaba, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Burkina Faso to the Kingdom of Belgium and Permanent Representative to the European Union

Papa Amadou Sarr, Minister, General Delegate for Rapid Entrepreneurship of women and Youth, Presidency of the Republic, Senegal

Moderated by Federico Bonaglia, Deputy Director of the OECD Development Centre.


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International migration is a major challenge and opportunity of the 21st century. Persistent geographical differences in demographics, living standards and job opportunities – as well as exposure to the climate crisis and conflict – have increased people’s desire or need to move. The phenomenon has the potential to create opportunities for the global population and to strengthen the resilience of countries at all income levels in the long run, but it can also be the source of difficult social questions and international tensions in the short term. Without an overarching and binding global governance arrangement for international migration, these tensions and questions will be impossible to resolve, either within or between countries. How can such an arrangement be achieved? What can we do while we wait, to ensure that migration works not only for the migrants but also for the countries they leave and the countries where they arrive? How can migrants be protected and provided with a regular pathway towards their destination, and how can migration partnerships benefit the development of the sending countries?

The economic arguments in favour of international migration are widely established. Many major economies in the world – including emerging countries - require workers with a range of skills. There is a business case that benefits the development of all sides. So what is keeping more partnerships and regular pathways from emerging? Are new ways of thinking possible – or are we destined for perpetual gridlock? These questions are not only the concern of global governance: they are in the minds of society at large, in all regions and especially major migration corridors of the world.
As part of the OECD Development Centre’s Policy Dialogue on Migration and Development, as well as its Development in Transition initiative, this Dev Talk brings together actors from Africa, Europe and Labor Mobility Partnerships (LaMP) – an organisation aiming to increase the scale and quality of labour mobility programs globally. The event aims to foster ideas on experimental multilateralism by discussing the steps needed to undo the political gridlock on international migration – and to work around it in the meantime – to enhance the positive impact of migration partnerships on sustainable development.



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