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EMnet China meeting, 6 September 2016


Days after the G20 Summit hosted in China- and its associated B20 Business Summit -  EMnet hosted the meeting “China’s New Normal and the G20: Challenges and Opportunities for Businesses” as an opportunity to discuss recent Chinese economic developments and the key outcomes of this international gathering.  

The 2016 edition of the EMnet China meeting was held in Beijing in partnership with the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham China) and the European Chamber of Commerce in China.


Opening remarks

Key outcomes of the Chinese G20 Presidency

Session 1: China's business and investment climate

The first session discussed China's business environment, including barriers to investment and trade, and leverage the key findings of the EU Chamber’s Position Paper. 

Session 2: Emerging sectors to revive the Chinese economy

This session explored China’s new economic growth drivers within the G20 Framework aligned with critical components for global and regional economies, particularly related to areas such as infrastructure, technologies, supply chain connectivity, access to capital, innovation, support for SMEs, and corporate governance.

Concluding remarks


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