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Experts Meeting: 2015 Latin American Economic Outlook


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Expert Meeting: Latin American Economic Outlook
Education, Skills and Development

3 July 2014
OECD Conference Centre, Paris
by invitation only

Experts and the Secretariat will discuss the concept for the next Latin American Economic Outlook (LEO) 2015, as well as the outlines for the chapter on education and skills and the chapter on Latin America and shifting wealth (with a focus on skills and labour market).

A defining reform to increase potential growth and withstand a less benign external environment in Latin America is that of education. More and better education and skills, supported by improvements in innovation policies, are key elements to overcome the middle-income trap and to boost social inclusion. Latin American Economic Outlook 2015, jointly produced by the OECD, UN-ECLAC and CAF, will analyse the current situation of education, skills and innovation in Latin America, in the context of shifting wealth, and will point out some areas for further progress. This OECD flagship publication on Latin America will be launched at the IberoAmerican Summit in Veracruz in December 2014.


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