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Third Angus Maddison Development Lecture


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Third Angus Maddison Development Lecture delivered by:

Professor ‌Nicholas Crafts on

"Catching Up and Falling Behind: Lessons from 20th Century Growth"


1 July 2014
OECD Headquarters, Auditorium


Formerly a Lead Expert on the UK Government Office for Science, Foresight Future of Manufacturing Project, and consultant to numerous international financial institutions as well as multinational companies, Prof. Crafts discussed “Catching Up and Falling Behind: Lessons from 20th Century Growth”. His influential ideas and detailed empirical work on comparative long-run growth performance have greatly contributed to advance the history of economic analysis.

The 20th century saw startling contrasts in growth performance across the world. The lecture explored what can be learnt from this experience about the roles of geography, institutions and policy with regard to success and failure in catch-up growth. The objective was to highlight what difference a historical perspective can make in thinking about the development challenges of the 21st century.

The Lecture Series on Development in honour of Angus Maddison was launched in 2012, on the occasion of the OECD Development Centre’s 50th Anniversary, and has since become a regular event of the Centre’s Development Week. It aims to commemorate Angus Maddison, a renowned scholar on quantitative macroeconomic history and one of the founding fathers of the OECD Development Centre whose work has greatly influenced the development policy debate.


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