AEO 2007 - Team


The report has been mainly drafted by a central team from the African Development Bank and OECD Development Centre. The team also comprises a research institution in every country covered by the report, in order to better grasp specific national contexts and disseminate the AEO knowledge base in individual African countries.

The team entrusted with the preparation of the African Economic Outlook 2005/2006:

Kenneth Ruffing, Co-ordinator of the project

At the  OECD Development Centre in Paris:
Céline Kauffmann, Economist, Team leader
Lucia Wegner, Economist
Federica Marzo, Junior Economist
Ralph Christian Maloumby-Baka, Policy Analyst/Dialogue Co-ordinator
Nicolas Pinaud, Economist
Yvette Chavandéou, Assistant

At the  African Development Bank Headquarters in Tunis:

Charles Lufumpa, Director, African Development Bank Research Division

Barfour Osei, Economist

Mohammed Salisu, Economist

Désiré Vencatachellum, Economist

Bernhard Gunter, Economist

Lasaad Lachaal, Economist

Audrey Verdier-Chouchane, Economist

Beejaye Kokil, Statistician

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African Economic Outlook
Available in print (paperback) and electronic format (pdf)
588 pages, OECD, Paris 2006
ISBN 92-64-022430