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What we do

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The Initiative encourages policy dialogue and peer learning on a variety of key areas enabling economic transformation and where experience sharing between countries can be mutually beneficial.


Origin: Implementing the OECD Strategy on Development

  • This Initiative is part of the implementation of the OECD Strategy on Development, adopted by the OECD Council at Ministerial level in May 2012;
  • The changing global economic landscape poses new economic and policy challenges for development;
  • The OECD is actively engaged in promoting better policies to achieve sustainable and inclusive growth in the widest array of countries;
  • To achieve this objective the OECD is committed to share knowledge and invest in the generation of new information to improve the design and implementation of evidence-based policies.


2 Main Objectives

  • Improving measurement and evidence on new trends in global organisation of trade and production;
  • Identifying concrete policy recommendations to implement effective policies to promote development through better integration into GVCs.


Activities and Approach: Peer Learning and Better Evidence For Better Policies

  • 2 Plenary Meetings per year to identify better metrics and good practices to improve the effectiveness of policies based on open dialogue between OECD and non-OECD economies.
GVC graph our approach


Expected Outcomes

By fostering knowledge sharing, peer learning and collaborative policy oriented research between participants, this Initiative aims at achieving the following outcomes:

  • Growing country and industry coverage in the Trade in Value Added (TiVA) database;
  • Identification of new measures and indicators to analyse participation to GVCs and their development impact;
  • New evidence on policy conditions for successful participation and upgrading in GVCs;
  • Improved understanding of the determinants of participation in GVCs and of the required conditions to make this participation work for inclusive and sustainable development;
  • Better appreciation of the development financing needs to promote participation in GVC and strengthen their development impact;
  • Concrete policy recommendations on how to increase impact of strategies and policy tools to promote participation and upgrading in GVCs.




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