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The COVID-19 crisis has brought an already dire socio-economic and environmental situation to breaking point. Plummeting economic growth, frustrated middle classes, climate disasters, security crises and trade conflicts are just some of the big issues the pandemic is exacerbating. Will we seize the opportunity this crisis has opened up to build stronger and fairer economies and societies, or will we return to the status quo of unbearable inequalities and unfettered globalisation?

In this redefining moment, DevTalks, a series of online panel discussions, along with Development Matters blogs, form a dedicated space to discuss and draw up the blueprints for a ‌new deal for development: from renegotiating social contracts to overhauling international relations, fighting climate change and building resilient societies.

DevTalks - New waves of migration: are developing countries ready?

 Tuesday, November 29, 2022 | 3pm CET

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