• 12-January-2012

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  • 30-November-2011

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    Thematic Evaluation of European Commission Support to Justice and Security System Reform

    The design of the assistance programmes was not adequately underpinned by local knowledge of security and justice practices and needs or by mechanisms to monitor progress and measure results and impact.

  • 30-November-2011

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    Country Level Evaluation: Republic of Malawi

    The main objectives of the evaluation were provision of an independent assessment to the Commission of the EU and to the wider public of the Commission`s past and current co-operation relations with Malawi.

  • 22-November-2011

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    Evaluation of the EU's Cooperation with the Dominican Republic

    Overall, the EC's development cooperation programme in the Dominican Republic has been flexible over time and has contributed to reducing poverty in key sectors, but has not specifically targeted the socio-equity gap that is a major developmental issue in the country.

  • 26-October-2011

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    EC Support to Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

    Within the global context of an increased acknowledgement of the importance of Conflict Prevention by the international community since the 1990’s, the Commission has significantly increased its focus on such activities between 2001 and 2010.

  • 27-September-2011

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    Evaluation of EC Support: Employment and Social Inclusion in Partner Countries

    In some countries the support related to this program has become very important and is being implemented through specific programmes. Overall though the support is not adequately mainstreamed in the various components of the country and regional strategies.

  • 8-September-2011

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    Joint Evaluation of Budget Support Operations in Mali - Executive Summary

    Evaluation of the results of budget support operations in Mali 2003-2009. Provides recommendations on the management of future budget support operations in Mali and elsewhere; and tests a new methodological approach to the evaluation of budget support operations.

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  • 19-July-2011

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    Study on Legal Instruments and Lessons Learned from the Joint Evaluation Unit

    The purpose of this study was to see what lessons could be learnt from the past experience of EC external action programmes that might be useful in the design and formulation of the EU’s next budget. The study also sought to identify lessons which could improve the design of future evaluations.<

  • 14-June-2011

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    Regional Level Evaluation: Overseas Countries and Territories

    The delivery mechanisms of EU support and its management have been lessconducive to the achievement of the objectives of the co-operation. Significant delays have occurred in some cases and there have been cases where the Commission’s approach was inconsistent.

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