• 18-August-2014

    English, PDF, 1,131kb

    Ex-post evaluation report on the project for modernization of communication and information system of the state ministries of the Republic of Paraguay

    The project was started in 2006 upon an official request of the government of Paraguay. The project was successfully implemented until 2009, and the outcomes of the project has been actively used since then. The ex-post evaluation as was undertaken in this report intends to evaluate the prolonged performance of the project.

  • 16-December-2009

    Spanish, , 3,074kb

    Evaluation of the Bilateral Cooperation Programme of the Ministry of Labour and Immigration

    Éste es el informe final de la evaluación del Programa de Cooperación Bilateral del Ministerio de Trabajo e Inmigración (MTIN), correspondiente al periodo 2003-2008, que se ha desarrollado durante los meses de julio a diciembre del año 2008.

  • 8-July-2009

    Spanish, , 428kb

    Evaluación del Programa de País: Paraguay 2003-2008

    La previsión del programa fue baja: sólo 35% de las operaciones programadas fueron aprobadas, experimentando subsecuentes demoras en su ratificación y ejecución.

  • 7-July-2009

    English, , 833kb

    Country Programme Evaluation: Paraguay 2003-2008

    The evaluation findings are set out in this report to the Board and are provided as input for Management’s charting of the Bank’s future strategy with the Republic of Paraguay.

  • 1-April-2005

    English, , 34kb

    Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in El Chaco - Sudamericano

    Sustainable Management of Natural Resources in El Chaco - Sudamericano

  • 1-January-2003

    English, , 42kb

    Evaluation summary: Combined financial and technical co-operation project for a National Resource Protection Strategy in Paraguay (ENAPRENA)

    The degradation of Paraguay's natural resources is proceeding almost unchecked. High levels of forest clearance and unadapted forms of land use are reducing the ecological, social and economic value of these resources. Meanwhile some 80% of smallholders are already living below the poverty line. There is a lack of a national strategy for resource protection and sustainable use of natural resources. Authoritarian approaches, a tendency