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Designing a trusted global framework for quality infrastructure investment

The OECD as a leading global standard setter, notably on business conduct, sustainable infrastructure finance and good infrastructure governance, is committed to helping countries pursue quality infrastructure investments by promoting the application of robust international standards, best practices and open market principles. For this purpose and at the request of the OECD Member States of the United States, Australia and Japan, the OECD’s Trust in Business Initiative coordinates technical support on the Blue Dot Network.


What is the Blue Dot Network?

The Blue Dot Network aims to foster the quality infrastructure investment vital to support sustainable growth and a resilient economic recovery.

This voluntary private-sector-focused and government-supported certification scheme is based on quality infrastructure standards as set out in the G20 Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment, the G7 Charlevoix Commitment on Innovative Financing for Development, the Equator Principles and guidelines such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.

Established to tackle the USD 2.5-3.5 trillion investment gap, the Blue Dot Network will provide an internationally-recognised certification framework to assist countries in pursuing investments that maximise the positive economic, social, environmental and development impact of infrastructure.


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5 October 2021

High-Level panel - Catalysing Quality Infrastructure Investment to Build-Back-Better

7 June 2021

Launch event - The multi-stakeholder design process for the Blue Dot Network certification framework kicked off in Paris with the launch of the OECD-led Informal Executive Consultation Group.


Summary Note

Keynote by Mathias Cormann

Statement by the US Department of State

News release - OECD and Global Executives engage with the Blue Dot Network to develop certification for quality infrastructure investment | en français



The OECD has conducted a survey of private sector and civil society stakeholders to assess the demand for and the merits of a global certification framework as proposed by the Blue Dot Network. This highlights document contains the main findings from a forthcoming report which synthesises and analyses those stakeholder responses.

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Technical support

The OECD, through its Trust in Business Initiative and with the input of various OECD directorates has been engaged to provide high-level guidance and technical input to operationalise the global certification process and review framework.


Through the streamlining and operationalisation of existing global infrastructure standards, the Blue Dot Network intends to form a user-friendly and practical solution to certify sustainable infrastructure projects which is key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Partnerships and collaboration

The OECD Trust in Business initiative convenes a global multi-stakeholder network to inform the development of the Blue Dot Network. The Informal Executive Consultation Group is a community of over 150 private sector, academic, and civil society actors from across the infrastructure lifecycle who actively participate in the design of the Blue Dot Network. The inaugural meeting of the Informal Executive Consultation Group took place on the 7 June 2021.


We invite you to express your interest in engaging with the OECD’s Informal Executive Consultation Group here.


Blue Dot Network

G20 Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment

G7 Charlevoix Commitment on Innovative Financing for Development

Equator Principles

OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises

OECD Trust in Business Initiative

Contact us

Private sector and civil society organisations interested in engaging with the OECD’s Informal Executive Consultation Group for the Blue Dot Network can contact:

Isabel Cane, Head, Trust in Business initiative,

Juan Garin, Policy Advisor, Sustainable Finance and Infrastructure,



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