Guidelines for multinational enterprises

India - Investment Policy Review - OECD


Date of publication
4 December 2009

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Table of contents

  • Executive Summary
  • India’s evolving position in the global economy
  • Investment policy
  • Investment promotion and facilitation
  • Trade policy 
  • Competition policy
  • Other aspects of the Policy Framework for Investment
  • Progress and challenges at state level

"It was desirable to subject our policy to a review by an international body like the OECD, a group of developed economies of the world, which would provide an opportunity to secure international recognition of India's progress in improving the investment environment and support future investment reform plans."


Anand Sharma, Minister of Commerce
and Industry, Government of India

India has made tremendous progress in building a policy environment to encourage investment. As a result, the country’s economy is growing more rapidly and FDI inflows have accelerated impressively. However, investment remains insufficient to meet India’s needs, particularly in infrastructure. Current efforts to strengthen and liberalise the regulatory framework for investment need to be intensified. India’s well-developed economic legislation should be implemented at an accelerated pace both at national level and right across India’s States and Union Territories.


The OECD Investment Policy Review of India charts India's progress in developing an effective policy framework to promote investment for development, especially since the acceleration of economic reform from 1991 onward. It focuses on policies towards investment, trade, competition and other elements of the business environment. Finally, it outlines some of the challenges of implementing national-level reforms at state level.



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